Wedding Philosophy

Rev David Phreaner, Unitarian Universalist ministerI’ve served as a Unitarian Universalist minister in a variety of settings for a number of years. What I most appreciate about the Unitarian Universalist spiritual tradition, and what I commend to you is its radical openness to couples (and individuals) to be who they are.  In terms of creating a wedding ceremony this is important for this reason:  it means that the wedding belongs to the couple ~ to you!

What I bring to a wedding ceremony is years of experience in the ministry working with a variety of couples to craft the wedding they want.  Over the years couples with whom I’ve worked have expressed to me their deep appreciation for the  services I’ve performed.  A few notes to that effect are included on this site.  But I think that the reason couples like working with me is that I wholeheartedly believe and consistently demonstrate that it is their wedding we’re planning:  not mine, not some hierarchy’s, not Unitarian Unviersalism’s or any other tradition, but theirs!  The wedding belongs to the couple — to you — and that is as it should be.  Working together we can create your just right wedding.  If this approach sounds good to you please be in touch.

Do understand that spring, summer and fall tend to be in greater demand than winter, so scheduling a wedding as far in advance as possible is usually a good idea. A calendar on the sidebar notes available and booked dates.  This is not to say that I won’t do weddings on short notice, I will if I’m available. But more planning time helps insure the best results: your right wedding.  I look forward to hearing from you. ~David