Wedding Manual

WeddingManualIconThis wedding manual (ebooklet) provides details about my approach to weddings.  It is designed to be suggestive rather  than definitive.  Often couples know that they want to create their own ceremony but are uncertain about where to start or how to go about.

That’s the reason I created this manual.  Let me  underscore one point.  I believe in working with couples to help them develop what a Buddhists might call a “right ceremony” — that is the ceremony that suits the couple (that suits you!).  Within the bounds of reason* you should have the ceremony you want.  My goal is to work with you to see that that happens.

*For instance, I won’t do a wedding going over Niagara Falls in a barrel — even a custom-made, crash-proof one with the inventor of it on board!  Other than that I’m pretty flexible.

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